Guy of the Wedding Preview

Guy of the Wedding Preview

“It’s time to get off the single train”


Who knew one Instagram post back in 2012 would lead to the festivities this weekend? A phrase uttered in confidence blasted out for all my 21 followers to see and set off a chain reaction Ashton Kutcher couldn’t solve. That was a butterfly effect joke, he was the lead in that movie for some reason. Brian O’Sullivan becomes Brian O’Sullivan-Backoffen on Friday and with everyone getting together it is time for a special edition of Guy of the Weekend. This is your official preview for Guy of the Wedding:


Editor’s note – Ethan won guy of the weekend in Nashville after his supercharged performance of Sugar Were Going Down at the Honky Tonk. Many people were speculating that he indeed bought the Guy of the Weekend and yes, he did but this time around it will be up to a fan vote.


Wedding Party:

Let’s start with the wedding party shall we, get some organization into this blog.


Brian O’Sullivan – If history tells us anything Brian will be near the top of the leaderboard. Strong starts have been a staple of his throughout his career but much like Charles Leclerc, winning pole means nothing if you aren’t up for it on race day. Bettors still worry about the -400 lead he squandered at the cabin to Ethan after sleeping for much of the day. If he can pace himself this may be the day, he finally finds his name on the trophy.


Danny O’Sullivan – Solid first showing for Danny in Nashville. He’s a grinder, never falling too far down or up. Consistency is something we are all striving for, and Danny has mastered the act. No pressure but this may all come down to his best man speech. If he can nail it and get the crowd going, he may ride that momentum throughout the night. Best odds for Danny may be before his speech and towards the end of the night when everyone else is blacked out and he is staying steady through and through.


Conor McCormick – Hard for him to win it as everyone would think he just voted for himself. After speaking with him the drive is still there just feels like he got a few bad breaks the last few years. If he can convince the judge to see past that he is in fact the only judge, he may have success Friday. Known as a slow starter, he is simply assessing his competition and the situation before going in. Look for him on the dance floor as that will be where he will have a chance to steal this thing. If there was a piano available, he would be the favorite.


Cody Kull – Chiseled, going to look great in a tux. Not the flashiest pick but knows how to move his hips and no matter how much he doesn’t want it will have everyone women aged 17-87 looking at him. If Casey and Beav do the chair thing, which I think is a Jewish tradition, he will simply hold both of them up separately by himself. Would wait to take him live as the most value will be there.


Steve Consiglio – Half the battle with Steve will be actually showing up. If he gets called into work bets will not be voided so proceed with caution. Middle of the pack guy lately and will be looking to keep getting better. Pace has always been his issue and with an open bar that must be in the back of your mind if you are picking him.


Dave Meyers – Dave took a huge hit as he lost 70 pounds but didn’t get refitted for a tux. Going to look like he got invited to the 2003 NBA draft. Calculated is the word to best describe Dave but I just fear with all the weight loss he may have lost a step. It’s a huge day for him as many people haven’t seen his transformation and he will have to balance that with getting in favor with the judges.


Quentin Montemarano – Don’t think I spelled his last name right. Wild Card here as well for the man in the Marines. Hope he gets some rest before the wedding though truthfully; I don’t know if that’s possible for this guy. Bears get jealous of the sleep he gets. Look for him to establish himself early and ride that wave into the later parts of the evening.


The Field:


Brandon Resta – Hardest working man at the wedding, Netflix finally gave him a little time for himself. All depends on his attitude going in, the most emotional guy on the board it could go either way. Never shy around a dance floor if he gets his song to play everyone better back up and just watch the magic as it happens.


Chris Benzola – What do you mean? Runner up in the Nashville GOTW Chris is looking to claim that top spot. His debut was marked by leading for much of the trip before the controversial Honky Tonk event. Hopefully J man is there to turn the water into red wine as I doubt Beav got enough behind that bar for this man.


Bryan Foley – Late addition to the wedding but a welcome one at that. Newly engaged himself he knows what he wants and that is a scary sight for the rest of the board. Probably the streakiest guy here if he sees a few shots fall early he may be on fire the rest of the night.


Jake Johnson – Him and Cody should just stand next to each other the whole time, so every female knows where to look. Men too. Lacking a bit of personality compared to others on this list John makes up for it with his looks and his signature move on the dance floor. McGregor had to have gotten it from somewhere. If he can stay on his feet, the whole night and not bother us come 2 AM he may have a hand on the title.


Jack Vivonetto – 2nd hardest working man on this board we have the Stone Boss himself. His bid in Nash dried up along with every molecule of moisture in his body the first morning. Starting at the back after that penalty would’ve deterred many people but not Jack. He rallied and got a podium to pick up points for himself. Big guy but light on his feet, middle aged women will be all over him.


Brendon Snizek – Mediocrity has plagued Snizek is the last few tournaments. Can’t seem to get out of first gear much like Steve. Now that he’s on Tongkat this may be a different showing for him. GOTW does not drug test so all signs to a big day for Snizek.

Ethan Sandora – the 2x GOTW winner is back and going for the 3peat. Cabin trip he did enough to be near the lead and pounced when Beav slipped up. Nashville he was going steady near the top and took advantage of an opportunity to snatch another award. Does he have the desire to win it again? I think so but time will tell. Fantastic player so far.


Tom Jordan – a dark horse here is Tom Jordan. There’s not a ton of tape on Jordan so your guess is as good as mine. Could be a ton of value due to this. Will he fly under the radar or take control from the start? This is definitely a name to keep an eye on throughout.


Matt Prokesch – a very popular pick in the first 2, Pro has had solid showings but just lacks the finishing pace to cross first. Will be interesting to see if he goes for the title or just looks to pick up points. A steady presence throughout if he can pick his spots he may be right there towards the end of the night.


Brandon Calderone – God bless you if you trust Bcal to get this done. A truly mercurial character, this pick is boom or bust. Back drinking again and with a job so he has found the stability needed to be successful in this competition, but will it be enough? I’m just not sure it is worth the risk. Pace will be all important here, if he burns out early, he will not be in the running come late.


Dean Williams – a married man rounds us out here. Not a lot of tape on Dean recently but back in the day he was near the top every time. Will he revert back to his old ways or stick to the more mature version of himself? That is the question you have to ask yourself when taking him.


Whoever I missed sorry, but you didn’t make the cut. Odds may be posted closer to Wedding Day, let me know who you think is taking it.