DEBATE: Is Summer Overrated ??

DEBATE: Is Summer Overrated ??

The older I get, the more that I hear people complaining about summer. “Summer is too hot”, “Summer is the worst season” or “The Ice Cream Man molested me”. Well, I’m here to put this slander to bed!

A lot of people think we are conditioned to enjoy summer because throughout our school years, it is what we look forward to. No one is questioning summer when we are young, it’s the best. I mean, who hates freeze pops, barrel juice, and no school!?

Now, this phony debate actually starts to grow some legs after college. Once summer hits, the bugs come out, the AC bill is through the roof, and sometimes it IS ACTUALLY TOO HOT. 

Well, I am going to tell ya something that you may not want to hear, if you don’t enjoy summer you may have the wrong group of friends or you may just be a bum.


Summer time is incredible. There is just nothing better than spending an entire paycheck daydrinking at an outside bar with the boys. Second to this, going to the beach with your girl and soaking up the rays, and even having a few beach claws just to shut her up. Not to mention hitting the golf course and getting a glizzy and beer at the turn. Having a few too many in the bleachers at Yankee stadium. Just sitting in a backyard at night with a group of people bullshitting. The possibilities in summer are endless. It is refreshing to walk around knowing you do not need a trillion layers on and you don’t gotta worry about your braciole playing turtle on ya.

My advice for anyone who doesn’t like summer, sit back, throw on some SPF 30, crack open a cold one and enjoy the sun setting at 9pm. Because you never know when it is going to be your last summer. (Not a threat.) 


Top 5 drinks to enjoy in the summer coming very soon. Stay tuned.