Life Is Not Fair

Life Is Not Fair

It’s after midnight, the Milwaukee Bucks are celebrating their first championship in 50 years in front of their home fans, and Giannis Antetokounmpo has just cemented himself among the all-time greats in NBA history. Euphoria has overtaken the Bucks arena and the entire city of Milwaukee. However, in the Phoenix Suns’ locker room, you can hear a pin drop through the faint sounds of celebration beyond the walls. The walk back to the locker room is long enough for Phoenix Suns’ point guard Chris Paul, to come to the realization, that he has once again, fallen short of an NBA championship. And while 26 year old Giannis’ star is increasing in intensity, 36 year old Chris Paul’s, is dimming.

Paul is no stranger to this feeling though. Fairly or unfairly, his career has been defined by his own shortcomings. Whether it has been injuries, untimely turnovers, or just being unlucky, these microcosms have overshadowed a great career.

After eliminating the Clippers to advance to the finals, then going up 2-0 on the Bucks, it was fate that after 16 seasons, Chris Paul was finally going to win a title. After so many failures, so many years of misfortune, so many years of being criticized, this was supposed to be his moment. However, this isn’t a movie, life does not care about storylines and narratives, or me being an insufferable asshole to everyone who told me Chris Paul sucked. Life is not fair.

Now in his 17th season, Paul will try and lead the Suns back to the finals and win his first championship. But life has beaten me down enough for me to know– that just like how I am not supposed to be happy, Chris Paul is not supposed to win a championship. Life is more of a fucked up poem than it is a feel good movie. Nothing can ever truly be guaranteed, even if poetically, it should.

However, If there is one thing that I can guarantee, it’s that I will NEVER stop arguing about Chris Paul.