“Finally…the…booze…has…returned…to NEW YORK.” -The Rock

“Back back back back back See ya!” -Michael Kay

New York is BACK baby- Qwatch

After a long 15 months, New York is finally back from the dead. New Yorkers have finally been able to take down the final boss of the No-Fun Police… Covid.

This past week our touchful, I mean thoughtful leader Andrew Cuomo decided for the first time to take a laissez faire (hands-off) approach to governing and announce that since 70% of NY has been Vaxxed, all Covid restrictions have been lifted. This once again just shows that C’s gets Degrees baby!!

This past year has been filled with apartment beers, Zoom beers, sidewalk beers, breakfast beers and everything in between.. But let me tell you, it sure does feel nice to once again overpay for a NYC bar beer. Nothing beats stand in an overcrowded bar and buying a vodka soda that’s the same price as your electric bill.

NYC summers are unbeaten, and honestly I can’t think of a single thing to complain about. From sweating through your shirt on a crowded subway, to feeling the refreshing air conditioner
dew fall on your head, it doesn’t get much better. I honestly can’t wait to wake up at 7am hungover as the day is long, to the sound of 2 strangers fighting over a parking spot. We call that a New York Alarm Clock. This summer is going to a be MOVIE!

As my good friend Ted would say “No cap”. I would highly recommend you get a taste of this NY summer, because I have a feeling there will not be many more like this.

With this being said, the City isn’t the only thing back..

First off, the God damn New York Islanders are in the Eastern Conference Finals once again against those Hillbillies down in Florida. Barry Trotz has got the boys running catenaccio hockey and Ryan Pulock (not a goalie) made the single greatest save in hockey history in Game 4. If Barry’s boys advance I very well think that Long Island might just explode. Secondly, it looks
like the Yankees are starting to finally crawl out of their Covid Slump, more specifically El Kraken Gary Sanchez. My man is really starting to heat up ever since restrictions have been
lifted so let’s party like its 2019 again!!

Third, and most importantly, Cigs Indoors is back. So buckle yourselves in for a long and expensive summer of booze and blogs that will most likely get us nowhere.