Would You Fuck Ted Bundy?

Would You Fuck Ted Bundy?

Hello again everyone, it’s been “a minute” as the kids would say since I have posted anything. I have no good excuse except for that I’m lazy, but I’m back and ready to reclaim my fame. My returning blog is going to be hard-hitting; Would you fuck Ted Bundy?

If you haven’t heard the hype by now, you either have an extremely offline presence, or you don’t give a shit, but it’s here, the hottest debate of 2019(so far). Since the release of Netflix’s ‘Ted Bundy Tapes’ and the trailer to the new Ted Bundy movie, all everyone can talk about is that Ted Bundy was hot as hell. For those that do not know about Mr.Bundy, he was probably a top 5 serial killer of all time, but he wasn’t like most serial killers, Ted Bundy was hot. He was so hot, that High School Musical sensation, and known hunk Zac Efron is portraying him in the movie. Combine the looks with being a bad boy, and man oh man, do we got ourselves a debate.

However, this is where the internet runs into a dilemma. If you say that you would fuck Ted Bundy, people think that you’re glorifying a serial killer, but I’ve seen countless women on the twitter quote tweet shirtless dudes and say “yasssss slay me daddy”, so you can see how this may be confusing. I’m not too sure the origins of the phrase “slay me daddy”, but if it predates the 1990s, there is a good chance women could have been saying this to Ted Bundy and he took it quite literally, unfortunately for the public, this was never discussed on any of the Ted Bundy tapes.

As good friend of the blog, Eric Pearson pointed out in this tweet:

This man was luring innocent women and taking them in a punch buggy. That in itself is a crime against humanity. You cant drive one of those without being a fucking weirdo, but when you’re hot, nobody cares. I think that was what pushed me to the #TedBundyWasHot side of the debate, there’s as much convincing evidence that he was hot as there was that he killed many people.

I’m not a man who gives his audience many options, you gotta choose a side; you would either fuck Ted Bundy or you wouldn’t, I would love to hear your thoughts on twitter dot com. @chrisbenzola