Shut The Fuck Up, Dude (Pt.3)

Shut The Fuck Up, Dude (Pt.3)

After a few week hiatus from this segment, I decided that I must bring it back. Twitter has truly been bringing me to my tipping point the past few weeks, and I gotta address these shitty posts and let out my anger before it takes anymore of a mental toll on me.

Let’s start out with this gem from @zach96brown. This tweet is already up there on the all time “Please ma’am may I have some coochie” posts. Not only does this tweet fucking suck, he doesn’t even have a girlfriend, let alone a wife, and he’s already hoping that his future wife has terrible spending habits. The sole purpose of this tweet was so he can have a bunch of girls in his replies saying “oh my god yassssss, where are guys like you these days.” And then the “See your fine ass in a few years” closing statement truly makes this a terrible post, when will we get past objectifying women smh.

If there’s anything that goes together more than peanut butter and jelly, it’s dudes with shirtless twitter pics and terrible tweets. Our good friend Ryan here thinks that when he is in his mid 30s, that him and his wife are going to still be listening to Mo Bamba and then screaming in front of their poor children “I got hoessssss” If my parents ever did this while I was present in the car with them, I would jump out the fucking car and emancipate myself.

However, I gave Ryan the benefit of the doubt at first, thinking maybe this is an isolated incident, but I was wrong. Right when I clicked on his profile, I saw this here pinned tweet.

It appears that Ryan is huge fan of the mediocre song Mo Bamba and that he will forever cherish this song. Let’s pray that his future wife is as shitty as Ryan and will also invoke Mo Bamba to get 200k likes.

Ahhh well if it isn’t the famous philosopher Aristotle using the pen name @cloutboishorty. This is for sure one of the top 10 worst tweets I have seen all year, and that is saying a lot. But after thinking about it, I thought that @cloutboishorty maybe really does care about everyone’s mental health and will help almost anyone, but then I found this tweet from him….GASP

What is this??? Our mental health doctor has given up after a day?!? I thought cloutboi was going to help his future girl with her mental health, but it seems if they’re “broken from some old shit that they can’t let go” cloutboi is just going to give up and let them keep being broken. This isn’t the @cloutboishorty that I once knew. But of course it appears that he’s still a nice guy and will never get weird or horny on the timeline, right? Wrong!

@cloutboishorty is extremely horny on the timeline.

And finally onto Ty Daddy(Hell Yeah!!!!!)

What a respectable young man on Twitter, it seems all Ty Daddy wants is church on Sunday.

There’s no way that a man like this would ever do anything to disrespect women or be weird, he just loves church and god so much. But wait…what’s that?

Say it aint so Ty Daddy, I thought you were going to be twitter’s shining example on how to respect women, this has to be the only time you’ve done this.

NOOOOOO!!!! Just when you think you know a guy, he goes and let’s you down 🙁 At least he doesn’t have a daughter or anything.

Oh fuck, he does!!! This man is a shining example of what we should all strive to be when we have a daughter, just hop on the timeline talking about big booty girls in yoga pants. Then I saw this next tweet though, and realized that he’s probably a scientist (Thank God).

Ty Daddy has finally regained my trust with this thought provoking science.

Welp that’s it for this week folks. In conclusion, fuck this website.