Shut The Fuck Up, Dude (pt.2)

Shut The Fuck Up, Dude (pt.2)

Welcome to another week of terrible tweets.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m just throwing one dudes twitter on this for the majority of them today, because they are the absolute worst fucking tweets I have ever seen.


Is this guy fucking serious? Yeah lemme link my mom to all of the terrible things I’ve tweeted so she can fucking bitch at me.  Great idea man.  Why don’t you link your mom to your shitty social media page.


“Please m’am, may I please have some coochie”  I’m getting to the point in my twitter career where I’m just absolutely floored by some the shit people tweet.  Like man, I hope she sees this tweet.


Shut the fuck up, dude.  While scrolling this guys feed, I just found out that he has a girlfriend — and a kid!? What the fuck are you doing, man?  Stop tweeting weird fucking shit like this and go take care of your son, he’s hungry.


I’m gonna keep real here, this might actually be sexual assault.  But thank you for the love-tip Instant Turn Ons.


Oh hell yeah, dude! Fuck yeah!! This is the lesson in your life that took the longest to fucking learn? Well — good luck.