Khabib vs. McGregor Preview: A McGregor Fan POV

Khabib vs. McGregor Preview: A McGregor Fan POV

The day has almost arrived where all fight fans, including myself, have been waiting for. Currently, my dopamine levels are higher than a girl who just received a comment on her latest insta selfie saying, “can I be you?” or, “skinny minnie!”. This Saturday, Khabib Nurmamagedov looks to defend his belt against The Notorious, Conor McGregor.

I wanna preface my prediction with you by saying this, I am not a Mcgregor fanboy, I think he crosses the line far too often, and is arguably a one-dimensional as a fighter.. the issue is that the one dimension he possess makes motha fuckers hit the canvas every time. Yes, I am picking Mcgregor to KO Khabib WITHIN ROUND 1; and I believe there are three reasons why I will probably be unsuccessful in talking the Khabib stans off the ledge, but hopefully I can persuade some of our more astute readers.

Quality of Competition

Khabib does in fact hold a 26-0 professional fighting record, and a 10-0 record in the UFC. What most casual fans fail to realize is those 16 fights not fought in the UFC were more than likely against pediatrists, marine biologists, and other lowly paid schmucks who wanted to make some extra scratch for their families. He does have TWO notable victories in my opinion, Raphael Dos Anjos (a superior welterweight fighter in comparison to his abilities at lightweight) and Edson Barbosa, who is an elite kickboxer, but has been seen by most of the shark-tank Lightweight division as only an explosive kicker. Khabib won the strap by ripping Al Ianquinta, who by the way is no world-beater, off the couch and beating him in a a decisive five round bout. His resume would not do well on Indeed in my humble opinion. Now McGregor on the other hand, holds a 21-3 professional record, and he is 9-2 in the UFC. He holds victories over: Dustin Poirer, Max Holloway, Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo, and Eddie Alvarez; 2 of which are current top 5 featherweight contenders or you know.. the featherweight champion, and 2 of which are current top five Lightweight contenders. Oh and I forgot to mention four of these victories were by TKO.. and within two rounds. For anyone who is salty that Nate Diaz did not make this list, you can write an elaborate complaint to our totally existent Cigs Indoors office in NY… and shove it up your ass you fucking half wit.

Lack of Stopping Power.

Khabib has difficulty finishing sentences, and probably has erectile dysfunction, what makes you think hes gonna finish the job Saturday. He has not implemented ANY sort of BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu, not oral sex) into his arsenal, and while his ground control (which ultimately translates to round control) is spectacular, there’s no real threat of finishing. I get it, he mauls people, and that ground and pound is suffocating but often sloppy.

Crimson Chinlessmagadov

I saw it with Iaquinta, I saw it with Johnson, Khabib does not like to get hit, and has NO stand up. Watching this man throw punches is absolutely disgraceful and flat out humiliating. I am not impressed that you out-wrestled a trained bear (he surely has such loving and responsible parents), but the boxing skills of Khabib are just flat out pathetic. Michael Johnson threw a jab at him and his overall reaction was comparable to Lindsay Lohan when she realized the child she was ‘saving’ wasn’t kidnap, stunned. This is the UFC, you need to expect to be hit, and this man seems to always be shocked when hit with a flush shot.

All in all my sentiments are this: McGregor always opens as an under dog in these title fights (Aldo, Alavarez) and always shows out. He’s now fighting in the octagon for the first time with his son in attendance, and he truly believe he catches Khabib inside round one, and gives us yet another Biblical post-knockout soliloquy.