Khabib vs. McGregor Preview: A Khabib Fan POV

Well ladies and gentleman, Conor McGregor is finally making his long awaited return to the UFC after 2 years away that pretty much consisted mostly of making whiskey and borderline racist remarks, but nevertheless, let me be the first to tell you contrary to popular belief, he is absolutely FOOKED. Settle down Ireland, pour yourself a glass of Proper 12  and let me further elaborate.

McGregor has spent some time away from the UFC, and hasn’t stepped foot in the octagon since duking it out with Eddie Alvarez back in November of 2016. In the last 2 years his only fight was the boxing match against Floyd Mayweather that I’m sure everyone already knows all about. Besides the circus act he put on for that, he has been spending his time buying jets, yachts, and whatever other luxuries money can buy. If he hadn’t agreed to this fight with Khabib, it was probably only a matter of time before fuck tapes get leaked and the blow addiction begins. Consumed by the fame and lifestyle of luxury, I believe the fire is out, no longer faced with financial adversity besides, and the only real issues he has in life stem from the countless lawsuits he received after throwing a dolly through a bus window at a UFC press conference. I don’t believe he is ready to fight a man that grew up wrestling bears. Yes people, Khabib has actually wrestled a fucking bear.

There’s no doubt Conor’s striking skills are superior to his opponent Khabib, but unfortunately for Conor, that is all he has. Khabib on the other hand is an outstanding wrestler and is excellent with the ground and pound. He isn’t much of a striker but in past fights that hasn’t stopped him from losing even one round in his professional career, let alone a fight with a record of 26-0.

In all honestly, this fight can go one of two ways. Either McGregor sleeps him with the nasty left hand¬† early on, or Khabib rag dolls him for 5 rounds like he did to that poor bear. I’m going with the latter and taking Khabib, … mostly because the Russian KGB has proved they can infiltrate our online servers and can gain access to this article, and then track me down with ease. #Let’sGoKhabib #PutinIsn’tADictator