Top 5 Must-See Movies On Netflix

Top 5 Must-See Movies On Netflix

Everyday I see people tweeting or asking what to watch on Netflix, and how there’s never anything good. The problem isn’t that there’s not anything good, it’s that you don’t know what’s good, and this why I’m going to help you what to watch next. To piggyback off of the movie database I created, I’m going to rank the top 5 must-see movies on Netflix right now.

5. Moon (88/100)


Moon is severely underrated movie with Oscar Award winner Sam Rockwell(Three billboards). It is a sad sci-fi thriller about isolation and raises many moral questions. It starts off a bit slow, but when when it picks up, it really grabs your attention and you won’t look away. Rockwell churns out another stellar performance. I would post a clip from this movie, but I don’t wanna ruin anything.

4. Room (90/100)


If you like crying at movies you’ll love Room, there’s a reason why Brie Larson won an Oscar for this role, she’s brilliant. When an abducted women(Larson) and her son(Jacob Trembly) get rescued, she and her son must adjust to their new life.

3. Wind River (90/100)

wind river

Wind River was easily one of the most underrated movies of 2017. How more people haven’t even heard of it is beyond me, especially since it’s on Netflix. It’s a story that tries to tackle and issue that is all too familiar on Native American reservations. Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olson must investigate a murder that has taken place on the reservation. Renner gives a great performance in what was one of the most edge of your seat thrillers of the year.

2. In Bruges (94/100)

In Bruges

In Bruges is a movie I’m super pissed at myself that I didn’t see until last month. This masterpiece directed by Martin Mcdonagh(Three Billboards) is hilarious and moving. Almost every single line that Colin Farrell and Ralph Riennes will have you dying(if you like dry humor). This is a movie that I recommend to everyone when I see them, on-sight.

1. Gone Baby Gone (95/100)

Gone Baby Gone

And at number one, we have Ben Affleck’s directorial debut, Gone Baby Gone. This was a movie that I put on one night because I’m a big Casey Affleck fan, and I truly could not take my eyes off of it. Gone Baby Gone will you on the edge of your seat guessing and questioning every character throughout the movie. This movie was snubbed in many categories at the 2008 Oscars, and I will never forgive the academy for it.

Thank you for reading everyone, I will make sure to make more of these, because I missed out on some that I really like and deserve to be seen.