Remembering Carmelo Anthony’s Time with the Atlanta Hawks

Folks we had a feeling it was coming but that doesn’t make it any easier. The Carmelo Anthony era in Atlanta is expected to come to an end soon and what a run it was. The brightest stars burn twice as quick and this star was set ablaze with one of Elon Musk’s flamethrowers. Derek Jeter’s farewell tour is a great comparison to the magnitude of this move. I remember like it was yesterday, Melo going 3rd overall to the Nuggets in the 2003 draft. From that point on I had a rooting interest in the NBA, watching every game I could, which translated to the playoff games that were on ESPN. He made a name for himself in Denver, leading them out of the first round of the playoff one time in 9 years. Who knows, if JR Smith knew about the 5 second inbound rule, he might’ve led them to the NBA finals. His Knicks tenure was amazing due to his continual carrying of that poor excuse of a team. I can’t remember where I was when he dropped 62 on the Hornets (or Bobcats) but that was something special. Lot of Lebron vs MJ talk lately but how many times has Lebron scored 62 points in a game? Serious question, because I don’t feel like looking it up but I’m really hoping he hasn’t. It fits the story narrative better if Lebron has never done it, so even if you look it up and I’m wrong please don’t call me out for it I’m very insecure. You know what don’t even bother looking it up I just did, and his highest total was 61. Ha! What a loser. Melo has 1 more point than Lebron and 1 more NCAA championship, the stats that really matter when determining who is better. Anyway, where was I?

Atlanta is where he really established his legacy as one of the best pure scorers the game has ever seen. I mean how many guys can say that they never missed a shot playing for a team? Melo can. No turnovers here might be the biggest stat when crunching the numbers because as well as know, Melo was prone to them early on in his career. One of the best passers in NBA history was John Stockton, ever heard of him? He played his entire career with the Jazz and AVERAGED 2.8 turnovers a game. Our sweet Baltimore raised Prince averaged ZERO. Go try to justify that to your 8 wives you polygamists. Anthony is expected to sign with the Rockets once he clears waivers but I don’t think there’s any doubt that he will enter the Hall of Fame as an Atlanta Hawk. Always remember to #StayMe7o