Is this the Greatest Scene in Movie History?

Is this the Greatest Scene in Movie History?


For those who have been living under a rock this scene is from the amazingly underrated masterpiece called Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, Kevin Bacon….I mean Scorcese himself couldn’t put together a better cast. This was a huge movie for Steve as he had left the office at this point and was branching more out into the movie scene and my lord did he crush it. Before we break down this scene, I would like to give a special shoutout to Ryan Gosling who just absolutely destroys this role. I know I know he is most likely not even acting he is just playing himself, but I loved every second of the ride that it was. Men want to be him women want to be with him.


Alright into this scene, lot going on but if we were to say all roads lead to Rome than Cal’s backyard would be Rome. Cal has been separated from his wife for a little while and wants to get back together with her. They are high school sweethearts and she cheated on him with possibly the best character name in cinema, David Lindhoggen. It’s Kevin Bacon baby he is more likely than not on 80% of American couples’ hall passes, I think Julianne Moore should get a pass here. More from him later. In the aforementioned break Cal had he was befriended by Ryan Gosling (Jacob) and they went on a little bit of a heater. Must be nice to have Gosling as a wingman. Cal is slaying but he also sees Jacob on this early 90s Jordan run. All is good until Jacob starts dating Cal’s oldest daughter. I know insane right?! Cal ain’t about to have this Greek God break his daughter’s heart. Cal and Julianne Moore have two other kids but they suck. Well the other daughter doesn’t but the son fucking sucks. Fat, ugly in love with girls out of his league. Sounds like someone I know. It’s me, that’s who it sounds like. Anyway, Cal is finna break this thing up but Emma and Gosling aren’t about that life no sir. From the fucking rafters in comes their neighbor Bernie who spears Cal better than Edge ever could. Bernie’s daughter babysits for Cal and she’s in love with him. Only problem is, Cal’s little gay son is in love with her. She takes nudes on a polaroid camera and wants to send to Cal. Bernie gets a hold of these and after taking a suspiciously long look at the nudes heads over to this backyard. Now Cal has no idea but Bernie is trying to kill him. Lucky for Cal Gosling is there to save the day and pulls him off. Bernie gets a shot in on Gosling but hitting that jaw would be like punching your wall playing VR, it does nothing except hurt you. Little stupid son enters the fray here. Jessica professes her love for Cal, Cal’s son professes his love for her, and all hell breaks loose. This is a love triangle Oedipus would say is fucked up. That is a decent joke there if I am being honest. Cal calls timeout like Chris Webber in the 1993 Championship games but unlike that one, this one works. Heart to heart with the son and BAM! Kevin Bacon has entered the motherfucking chat. Like Lazarus rising from the tomb, you blink and there’s Lindhoggen. He’s bringing Julianne’s sweater back and boy is it bad timing. Once he utters his name it was GGs. There’s Jesus, Gandhi, MLK and David Linghoggen for most recognized names. Gosling goes over because Cal had told him about him and clocks him. Cal goes after Gosling; Bernie wants another piece of the Cal pie and Bacon has no idea what’s going on. The cops wind up coming and shutting it down but man what a clusterfuck it was. Anyway, thanks for reading, watch this if you haven’t.

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