31 Days of Cigs Indoors (Szn 2)

Finally, the season we’ve all been waiting for is upon us, Fall. For horror fans and anti-social people alike, “Autumn” (who the fuck calls it Autumn btw) is the best time of year. It signifies the beginning of a 3-6 month break from most human interactions. I don’t know about you, but after a long summer of binge-drinking and sunbathing amongst the general public, I need a bit of time for some isolation. Many people’s recreational time during this season is primarily spent watching movies, especially one’s that feature a masked man chasing down half-naked high schoolers. Admittedly, I am also one of those people, and if you are too, you’re in luck. Cigs Indoors has made it a yearly tradition to incorporate this murderous and sinister time of the year into our content, and October 1st marks the first day of 31 Days of Cigs Indoors.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this tradition, you might be asking yourself “What is 31 Days of Cigs Indoors?” Basically, for the next 31 Days our website will feature a shit-ton of horror-film reviews brought to you by yours truly, yes, the master of criticism and expert on shitty movies, Me. Now you might be asking yourself, Brandon, is reviewing 31 movies in 31 days really feasible? Probably not! Last year I ended up with about 15 when all was said and done, so that’s the benchmark going forward. I give my word that I will try my best to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat of one movie a day, but keep in mind my word is essentially worthless. Anyways, most of these films will be accessible if you subscribe to Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime. I will also be reviewing some of the horror-flicks that are coming to theaters this month. Pretty exciting stuff.

Your Job: If you want to follow me on this unnecessary but entertaining journey, here’s what you can do. Watch the movies, then check in with us to see if we thought they sucked less, more, or of equal amount as you. Sounds good? Great. So, without further adieu, I declare it Spooky Season.


About Brandon Resta

Brandon Resta is a writer/podcaster. He attended the University of Tampa where he studied creative writing and film. Whilst attending college he won scholarships for his film criticism, and was the University of Tampa's Official Film Critic. Arguably his most impressive achievement to date is winning the superlative of "Class Complainer".

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