The Return of Cigs Indoors

And just like that, we’re back. For everyone wondering just where the fuck we went, I’ve got two words for you: Writers Strike. It turn’s out people don’t like working for free, who knew.

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “what does this mean for Cigs Indoors, the most trusted name in news?” fret not. We’re back for the foreseeable future. 

“Brandon, how could you just abandon us for an entire summer?” I assure you, the embarrassingly little content that was posted is through no fault of my own, but nevertheless I will take the fall for this one, as any great CEO would.

This bullshit Writers Strike hasn’t been the only thing that our company has been dealing with, in fact the lack of content has also been due to a number of other inconvenient on goings that all seem to have happened at once, such as:

  • Our cameraman Paul moving across the country

  •  Dean not owning a calendar (we haven’t had a Wacky Wednesdays in months for this reason)

  • Cmac has directed his focus towards his promising jiu-jitsu and stand up career

  • And last but not least, my fellow Co-Founder Chris Benzola has fallen off the wagon. He’s been on a Rolling Stone-esque bender that’s consisted of nothing but White Claws and McDonald’s for the last two months.

Put all this shit together and Voilà, a whole God-Damn summer has pasted and we’ve got nothing to show for it.

If you didn’t get the message, this is a warning from the founder of the company telling everyone to STEP IT UP, otherwise cuts will be made. 

But why dwell on the past, right? For all of our loyal fans, I personally guarantee as your founder and CEO that there is exciting content on the horizon. Here’s a sneak peek into what we have in store:

  • Studs Up Podcast (Soccer fans rejoice) featuring Cmac and newcomer Cheese
  • Football blogs from our Fantasy Football expert Drizzy Dave

  • 31 Days of Cigs Indoors

  • Cigs Indoors Gaming (via Twitch @gayboibrandon & more)

  • New Fall & Winter apparel (as well as restocking the current gear)

  • More videos

To keep up with the exciting make sure to follow us on Instagram @CigsIndoors and Twitter @IndoorCigs


About Brandon Resta

Brandon Resta is a writer/podcaster. He attended the University of Tampa where he studied creative writing and film. Whilst attending college he won scholarships for his film criticism, and was the University of Tampa's Official Film Critic. Arguably his most impressive achievement to date is winning the superlative of "Class Complainer".

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