Only 90’s Kids Remember

Only 90’s Kids Remember

“Remember The Alamo”, “Remember 9/11” , “Remember The Titans”, “Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends”, — all of these phrases are referenced in remembering something very important, that almost anyone can relate to. However(Max Kellerman), there is an expression I have left off, because only an extremely specific portion of the population can identify with it. And if you weren’t born within this time frame, you will have absolutely no idea what the fuck is being talked about, and that phrase is — “Only 90’s Kids Remember”.

The acclaimed phrase is predominantly used by 90’s kids to signify the superiority of their childhood compared to today’s kid. Literally nobody else but 90’s kids would understand or possibly fathom what that time period was like, many scholars born before then even have troubles transcribing/remembering the events that took place. That’s why in this blog, I (a 90’s kid) am going to rank the top five things that only true 90’s kids remember(sorry 2000’s babies, LOL), so put on those nostalgia goggles and take let’s take a ride.

5) 1090 B.C.- The Year Of Catastrophe

Probably something most us try to forget because of the PTSD many of 90’s kid still endure but, you can’t call yourself a true 90’s kid if you don’t remember when the flow of the Nile River dropped dramatically and caused significant starvation and a loss of faith in religion throughout all of Egypt in 1090 B.C.

4) 1397 B.C.- Pandion I, King of Athens Dies

If you asked every 90’s baby who their favorite King was, I can almost guarantee the vast majority of them would say Pandion I. As you can see from the picture, this man was an absolute unit, with a body sculpted from marble and what appears to be a baby attached to his right leg, there wasn’t much of a squabble with the public when he reigned.

And I’m sure if you have ever gone out drinking with a 90’s kid, you have probably heard the story of when Pandion fought a war with Labdacus, The King of Thebes and ended up marrying Labdacus’ daughter during that same altercation, talk about a LEGEND.

3) 1990-1999 A.D. – Two Genders

Try not to go into cardiac arrest 00’s babies, but you have more than two genders?? uh yeah, sorry — can’t relate. Obviously if you were born post 90’s you’re probably thinking to yourself “Two genders?!?! what the hell do you mean?!?!”, you guys will never understand how simple biology class was growing up back them SMDH.

2) 1990s A.D. – The HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Only 90’s kids remember when their favorite athletes and music artists were being diagnosed with an extremely rare disease that depleted the T cell count in their immune systems. If you weren’t fearing for your life every time you made a blood oath with your bros, then sorry, we’re just not on the same wave length.

1) 1392 A.D. – Eustache Deschamps  Completes ‘L’Art de dictier et de fere chancons, balades, virelais et rondeaulx

Often compared to one of his biggest influences, Guillaume de Machaut,
Eustache Deschamps was every french teenage girl’s wet dream back in 1390s and would often sell out the biggest cathedrals in France.

Every single 90’s baby can recall the exact moment when Eustache Deschamps completed ‘L’Art de dictier et de fere chancons, balades, virelais et rondeaulx‘. It moved nations to tears and caused many to confront themselves about their deepest insecurities. It’s a piece of work that many modern musicians like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, The Lumineers and many others still take notes from. Kanye West was once even quoted saying

L’Art de dictier et de fere chancons, balades, virelais et rondeaulx is dope as hell, man” – Kanye West

Well that’s all I have for today guys, I hope I was able to help you guys turn back the clock and reminisce on your childhood.

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