Top 5 Signs That You’re From Long Island

Disclaimer: this list is definitive and not opinionated.

Hello again friends and enemies, today’s top 5 list comes with a trigger warning, so buckle up for a wild ride. The Top 5 Signs That You’re From Long Island.

5. Being Born On Long Island

This one may come as a shock to many people, but hot take — if you were born on Long Island, that’s most definitely a tell tale sign that you’re from there.

4. Being In The Ms-13

I know what you’re thinking “Chris, how could this one be so low on the list” , but hear me out, this could have easily been number one.

As many people know, joining this El Salvadorian gang is probably neck and neck with going to Robert Moses beach during the summer as one of the most Long Island things you can do. This rapidly growing dangerous social group has been making waves the past few years and has shown no signs of slowing down!

3. Not Following Cigs Indoors Even Though We’re Friends

This one is just classic Long Island right here — living on Long Island and claiming to be great friends with me but not supporting me and the other hard workers on this site cause you’re a piece of shit. Classic!

2. Not Being Creative Enough To Think Of A Number 2

1. Going To Cherry Grove and Kissing Your Bros

This is the most Long Island thing that I think anyone can think of, almost too stereotypical that I didn’t even want to put it on, but I had to.

Nothing like “accidentally” taking the ferry to Cherry Grove(the notorious gay beach) on whip-it-out Wednesdays and getting a little too drunk and kissing your bros — it’s what people mean when they talk about “Long Island summers.” This is why all the famous people have summer homes here.

Thanks for reading everyone, if I missed anything hmu on the good ol twitter @chrisbenzola.

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