Dating in 2019. For Dummies

Since today is WCW I figure I would help out the community by giving my best tips and tricks for you singles looking to mingle. This is mostly going to be directed at guys, but ladies feel free to read along because you can use the same methods to find that lucky guy to call yours. This is not how to look for a date in 1985, so don’t think I am going to be giving you none of that old school corny crap. This right here is going to be straight facts about how to find your future lover.

Now the first thing your going to do is find this lucky lady’s Instagram. Once you have located your target woman this next step is very simple. Like ATLEAST 35 of her pictures, starting with the very first one she posted in 2012. She will instantly know you want her. Also another great thing to do while on her Instagram is scan for dick. Make sure there is no other man in her life.

This next step your going to actually have to get a little creative for yourself. This one is called Sliding in the DMs. Everyone knows it goes down in the DMs. Girls go crazy when you DM them 100 times with no answer. They absolutely adore when you have a conversation with yourself in their inbox. After that your gonna start tagging her in memes saying this is so us, because girls love a funny guy, and since you probably can’t make her laugh on your own, the meme tag is any easy escape from that.

Now she has either done one of two things, blocked you or finally started answering. Were looking for that answer, and since she has it is time to start treating her like shit. Maybe even suggest she is a side chick, and that your main hoe is waiting at home. Nothing gets the ladies going like knowing that they are not the only woman in your life. Lets be honest its 2019 they are probably doing the same thing. Constantly remind her that she ain’t shit and she will be yours in no time women love being reminded that they are inferior to us. You know what they say NICE GUYS FINISH LAST.

You guys are probably planning out your first date by now, and before that there is one thing she needs to see. A 2 am Snapchat of your sweaty junk. When a girl wakes up to a late night snap of your man meat, its like saying I love you with a drop of sweat. After this she will gladly accept your first date offer to Applebee’s or Buffalo Wild Wings. Make sure to take her back to your moms basement after and fuck her. Nothing like getting fucked on the first date, who says chivalry is dead.

Now if none of this works for you uncreative fucks! Then I got one more thing you can do start writing a blog. Trust me girls love a good blog read nothing more romantic than a guy who can write. If you can’t write than I guess your fucked! Maybe try actually getting out of the house and talking to a girl who knows?

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