Fuck Jose Canseco!

Fuck Jose Canseco!

The MLB’s biggest douchebag Jose Canseco came in like a wrecking ball and barreled through the walls of Twitter’s top trending section. These past 24 hours on the Twittersphere have focused mostly about this Jose Canseco tweet and his attempts to tear down a freshly built metaphorical home.  That happens to be J-Lo and A-Rod’s relationship. Listen Jose.. not only are these two a power couple, they both have hyphenated nicknames, so they’re already leaps and bounds beyond you and Jessica, you peasants.

Being a lifelong 24-year old Bronx Bomber fan, this one hit close to home. Jose, you were a household name in baseball for quite some time, but guess what.. so was A-Rod. The difference between you two is that A-Rod was a Yankee, and you? You had a one-year stint with us, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt there.. but real Yankees don’t do this type of shit. So, I’m hereby revoking your pinstripes and making you live in squalor for the rest of the miserable divorced existence that you live currently.

We have had some ethnic angels roll through this organization. A-rod isn’t one of them. There was a time where I was your quintessential New York sports fan, and was ready to burn my A-rod Jersey and go to a game and boo the man. That being said, I will bleed for A-Rod. Jose, I’m calling my shot. Trial by combat, Game of Thrones style.

I remember the day A-Rod became a Yank. It was the day I became a man. I was eight years old when I had heard the news on February 15,2004. I went to bed a little boy and I woke up a man. The next morning being my birthday I had woken up realizing I had my first wet dream, at the ripe age of 9. I can contribute my puberty upcoming to A-Rod. For that reason, I will bleed for him.

Jose, fuck you. Get a fucking life man. For you to try and tear down someone that you have obviously had a grudge on for over ten years is just discrediting to begin with. Let alone being probably one of the biggest scumbag moves known to mankind if this shit is true. Guy code brother. Lie, cry, deny… we live and die by that shit, together. You’re just out here ruining the comradery between men, you fuck. No one wants to see your sorry old ass fight a man that was once such a joy to have in this city. To bring J-Lo into it? Makes you even lesser of a man. Rant over, fuck you Jose.

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