Has ISIS Fell Off?

Has ISIS Fell Off?

*Disclaimer: ISIS, if you somehow find this and take offense, please don’t cut my head off*

It wasn’t too long ago when you would look at the news and see a headline that said “ISIS Warns Not to go to New York on New Years or you Will Die”, and this would shock and terrify everyone in the country, and for good reason too.  But nowadays, when ISIS tries that same threat, nobody cares at all, so what happened? I think it’s finally time to start asking the question, has ISIS fell off?

Falling off is something that almost any famous group, band, or athlete will someday have to go through, it’s a natural part of life.  But man, ISIS had such a short prime, they were the hottest terrorist organization in the world for quite sometime; they were responsible for cutting the heads off of reporters live on camera and also the Paris bombing in 2015, nobody could touch them.  At the peak of their game, I’d say they were comparable to early 2000s Nelly, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

I think the most appropriate quote for this downfall would be from the acclaimed song ‘Wanksta’ by rapper 50 Cent  “Damn, homie, In high school you was the man, homie, the fuck happened to you?”  A big problem for ISIS I think would to have to be getting a little lazy and taking responsibility for too many things.  After every single shooting someone from the ISIS PR team would claim responsibility, like na guys, it is very clear this kid had many more problems and didn’t have time for you guys.  They went from bombing major cities to taking responsibility for when a cat showed up dead on the side of the road.  It’s kind of like that one friend you have that always brags about all the cool stuff they did, and at first you’re like “oh my god man, no way, you’re fucking wild, dude” and then after the 50th story you’re like ” alright man, we get it, nobody really gives a shit anymore” and you start to realize that every story just ends up sounding like a lie. I think the biggest evidence for this is this tweet right from Trevor Moore.

Nobody is taking these threats seriously anymore, we just want to move on from this stage in our life, ISIS.  You guys had a good run, the past few years were absolutely terrifying, you guys just gotta disband now and maybe find a new group.  And who knows, in 10 years or so, when everyone has completely forgot about ISIS, you guys can do a reunion tour, everyone loves those.


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