Pussification of America

Pussification of America

In light of the growing amount of Internet outrage and other similar ongoings that can be seen daily on nearly every news platform or social network, I believe that saying this article has been a long time coming is a understatement.

This country and it’s citizens have strayed so far away from the greatness that it once supposedly possessed, and I say supposedly because I’m only 23 years old, which means that I’ve basically only been a conscious human being for about a decade. So my question is, when did society start going so sideways?

First of all, my ancestors didn’t travel to America on a fucking boat, personally drop the bomb that saved the world from the God-damn Nazis, and build the Verrazano bridge with their bare hands, for American youths today to bitch about something along the lines of their “lattes not containing enough soy-milk.” Enough is enough.

What happened to the days when it was acceptable to sit on your front porch on a nice summer’s day and whistle/sexually harass pretty girls walking by without suffering any social or legal implications? Bad news fellas, the Golden Days are over. Try pulling that shit nowadays and you’d be lucky to walk away without pepper spray in your eyes or your nuts being relocated via a nice kick from an unappreciative woman.

It seems people in today’s society are growing more and more soft by the day. No shit, life isn’t as challenging as it once was, and the fact that this is a good thing goes without being said, but it’s getting a little bit extreme. In my unprofessional opinion, parents who do things such as hand out “participation trophies” to their kids are unknowingly depriving their children of many important experiences that we as human beings SHOULD experience and learn from. Yeah, it sucks momentarily, but big picture-wise it will pay off. The micros are the macros. So, do yourself and your child a favor the next time he or she strikes out in their Tee-ball game, don’t tell them that it’s ok, tell them to try harder. Enough coddling.

Here are a few more examples of ways that you can help toughen up our youth:

  • Cut the break lines in your kid’s car
  • Force them to watch A Clockwork Orange at a very young age
  • Ship them off to boarding school
  • Ban wearing snap-backs
  • Teach them how to change a tire

In all seriousness though, I actually do have a point that I’m trying to make. What I’m trying to say ISN’T that we as a society should revert back to a more primitive set of ideals or become morally reckless, but instead I’m suggesting that maybe we’ve gotten a bit too sensitive. We are all guilty of this at times, in one way or another, because it is incredibly easy to comment on a slightly insensitive Facebook post or quote a poorly thought-out tweet and pretend to stand some kind of moral podium. The funny part about partaking in actions like this is that most of the time the people doing the public reprimanding aren’t even truly upset about the post’s message, but they are instead more concerned with showing off their moral superiority. A means of self-promotion at the expense of others, Very sad!

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