Is Kareem Hunt Top 5 Domestic Abusers?

Well, this might come as a shock to many, but another NFL player has been busted for Domestic Violence. This time around, the accused is none-other than Kansas City Chiefs Pro-Bowl starting running-back Kareem Hunt. Video evidence emerged earlier today via TMZ Sports that supposedly shows Hunt getting into a scuffle with an unnamed female party in a hotel hallway. The video is said to have been recorded earlier this year in February, but if you ask me, the video quality looks like this shit went down in fucking 1999. I mean seriously, how do these hotels make millions of dollars a year but won’t cough up some extra dough for some high-definition security cameras. Even I have a camera that shoots in HD, it’s called my fucking phone. But back to the facts, Kareem Hunt is a huge piece of shit. I’m honestly curious as to what this chick said to him to set him off on a potentially career-endangering assault, literally in the middle of a public place.  I’m not going to condone what he did in any way whatsoever, but you kinda gotta be curious as to what this chick said, right? At this point I don’t know how the fuck NFL players allow themselves to hangout with women, because there many chicks out there just trying to make and take money off of them, and some of them probably bait the guys into doing shit. But like I said, you have to be a fucking idiot to not only hit a chick in this day and age, but to do it in public!

With this being said, we can all agree on one thing: Kareem Hunt is a fucking moron. As a Raiders fan, it is hard not to pick at such low-hanging fruit. It’s also hard not to make the obvious comparison between this video, and the one starring Ray Rice. Former Raven’s RB Ray Rice is undoubtably the NFL’s poster child for Domestic Violence, so that leaves me and many others with the question: Where does Kareem Hunt rank?

If you ask me, he’s likely somewhere in between Adrian Peterson and former NFL star and current MMA juggernaut Greg Hardy. Out of all these guys that I’d let beat the shit out of me, I’d probably choose Hunt, so let’s agree that this girl kinda lucked out a bit. The last selection for this list might have to be another recent offender, Reuben Foster, as he has been charged twice within the last year with beating up the SAME WOMAN. The stupidity of NFL players should no longer come as a shock to any of us, but somehow it always manages to leave me dumbfounded.


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