31 Days of Cigs Indoors (Recap)

October as come and passed, and with it, 31 Days of Cigs Indoors. It was great while it lasted, wasn’t it? Now, did I promise to review a movie for all 31 days of the month? Yes. Did I somehow managed to produce less than half than that? Yes. Did I underestimate how long it actually takes to watch a movie, think about it for a while and then create a thorough review. Absolutely! But, even though I was only able to review 13 films rather than the proposed 31, I think we can still declare this experiment as a success. Now, whether or not all the movies I reviewed fell under the genre of “Horror” is still up for debate, but as Mick Jaegar once said, “You can’t always get what you fucking want, alright?” In all serious though, Thank You to all who tuned in, I will continue to review films that I feel require my two cents. Ciao.

About Brandon Resta

Brandon Resta is a writer/podcaster. He attended the University of Tampa where he studied creative writing and film. Whilst attending college he won scholarships for his film criticism, and was the University of Tampa's Official Film Critic. Arguably his most impressive achievement to date is winning the superlative of "Class Complainer".

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