Venom Review (2018)

First off, I am fully aware that this does not classify as a Horror movie, so you might be thinking “this shouldn’t qualify as one of your 31 Days of Cigs Indoors reviews!”.. but too fucking bad.

Venom follows the troubling events of Eddie Brock’s (Tom Hardy) abysmal life after he loses his investigative reporter television show due to a public clash with billionaire Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed). Brock is the victim of an alien life-form named Venom latching onto him after Drake loses one of these alien sympiotes in an accident. Brock makes it his mission to seek revenge on Drake for not only costing him his job and marriage, but also his free-will, as the alien Venom begins taking over his mind. Click here for Cigs Indoor’s Full Audio Review of Venom.

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