Fantasy Football Week 8 Locks

Welcome to the party Kerryon! This rookie broke out in a monster way and more than justified a start without even falling in the end zone. On the other hand, holy shit Andy Dalton can not play in prime time. He shrivels up faster in the spotlight than a prepubescent ballsack in the dead of winter. Lessons like these must be learned the hard way I suppose, like that time you finally understood you in fact cannot drink 18 beers and wake up for your 8am class. But with time, we become wiser. This week we will only have 13 beers before that class.

Locks of the Week:

QB Andy Dalton: THAT’S RIGHT I’M DOUBLING DOWN. One thing we can conclude over the ‘illustrious’ career over Mr. Dalton is that he is wildly inconsistent. This week he gets to play the actual worst defense in the NFL. Tampa Bay is the worst in the NFL against QB’s, WR,s and RB’s. Actually they are better in one area, they are only the 2nd worst against TE’s. The game has a 54 ½ over under which means plenty of scoring. Home Andy versus a trash defense means a great game for the human version of a twenty year old girls emotions.

RB Adrian Peterson: This man is the gift that keeps on giving. At the age of 33 AP is 11th in the NFL in rushing yards with his BYE. He plays through any and all injuries which has been clearly demonstrated. This week he plays my Giants (RIP) who are clearly in tank mode and just traded away PFF’s #1 run stopper over the past 5 years. Chris Thompson is questionable for this game and even if he plays I stand by this. The Redskins this year have shown that they will not rush their players back from injury so Thompson’s workload will be limited. Peterson should be able to feast more than your fat aunt on Thanksgiving.

WR Doug Baldwin: For those have that drafted Doug in the 3rd/4th round, you have been nothing but disappointed. You had high hopes for Russell Wilson’s #1 target after they shipped out Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson. But his crippling knee’s have shit all over that. This week they play the Lions who have been pretty bad versus the passing game. Baldwin is  becoming more and more healthy as the weeks go on. He also plays out of the slot so he won’t be seeing a lot of Darius Slay on the other side of the ball. Snacks Harrison will stuff up the run versus Seattle which will lead them to throw the ball and play catch up against his emerging Lions offense.

TE Jared Cook: This week is tough for TE’s because outside of the obvious starts it is rather ambiguous. The Raiders are in a race with a Giants for the #1 pick with the shipping out of all relevant players on their team. With Cooper gone, Lynch on IR and one of the worst defenses in the NFL, I believe they will be playing catch up. Cook has proven this year that he can put up great numbers and with the vacated targets from Cooper he should see the volume to be a confident start this week  

DST Bears D/ST: I know this one is a low hanging fruit but some people have lost faith since they have a BYE sandwiched between 2 bad weeks. This defense is elite and they get to play a struggling rookie QB with no weapons. For the love of god start them with 1000000% confidence.   

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