Fantasy Football Week 6 Locks

Well I ain’t gonna lie, they had me in the first half last week. Derrick Henry is who we thought he was, fat and slow. But this week, I feel more lucky than waking up after a hard blackout drinking session without losing any of my possessions. My minds groggy, the smell of last nights cigarettes are on my breath and what must be urine in my bed, I get up and get another beer. I am ready to be hurt again. Week 6 here we go.

Locks of the Week:.

QB Jameis Winston: We all saw what someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick can do with the weapons that this offense has. He was the number 1 Fantasy QB for the first 3 ½ weeks when he started and it was because his defense is abysmal and the Bucs have no run game at all. None of that has changed. This week they play the 2nd worst defense, only to their own, in the Atlanta Falcons. 57 ½ over under means plenty of scoring and defense stopping plays with less efficiency than a wet paper towel stopping a fastball.

RB Todd Gurley: Na, I’m kidding. Obviously start him. This one was the toughest one to come up this week because outside of the obvious locks it’s slim pickens. One hint I’ll give about my lock: He loves Skittles and loves revenge even more. That’s right, Marshawn Lynch is my lock. In the first London game of the year, Lynch gets to play his old team and there is no love lost between them. This game sets up to be one with a lot of running since Brian Schottenheimer, Seattle OC, refuses to air it out with one of the best QB’s in the NFL. This means there will be no shootout and Lynch won’t be game scripted out. Lynch has scored in 3/5 games this year and I like the odds of him having a good game this week.  

WR Sammy Watkins: Chiefs vs Patriots in the highest over under of the Season at    59 ½. This game is set up for Watkins to have himself a big week. Belichick is known to take away the top option of any offense which is the enigma of Tyreek Hill. I believe Watkins will find himself in favorable match ups all game with the new hotness in the NFL chucking him the rock up and down the field. Gimme Watkins all day. (Was also tempted to take Josh Gordon in this same game but he is more risky)

TE Cameron Brate: Another week passes, another week of me stacking QB/TE. This week OJ Howard will miss the game which is big news for Brate. The last 5 games that Winston and Brate have played together have led to 5 straight games with a TD between the pair. And unlike Fitztragic, Winston loves throwing to his TE’s, a lot. Brate will produce BIGLY this week.

DST Greenbay: I’m gonna break this down nice and easy for you. C.J Beathard – Matt Brieda + Playing at home = Good Fantasy Defense

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