Fantasy Football Week 5 Locks

Hopefully last week you listened to my advice and plugged my picks into your lineup because I was on fire, 100% baby. This week I’m getting more risky than eating Chipotle before a 12 hour flight. But trust me, my picks will be the imodium to save the day from your poor decision making.


Locks of the Week:.

QB Ben Roethlisberger: When I pick my locks for QB the first thing I look at is the Vegas line at the over under. Unsurprisingly, the Steeler/Falcons game has the highest of this young season at 57.5 and I would take the over. Both teams defenses are embarrassingly bad and both offenses are Top 10 in the league. Big Ben’s home/road splits are a real thing and this one takes place in the Steel City which bodes well for this pick. James Conner is no Le’veon Bell and simpy can’t get the ground game going for this team. So with The emergence of JuJu and other pass catchers on this team, the high over under and the desperation for a win at home lock Big Ben in this week. My projected #1 QB on the week.

RB Derrick Henry: Yes, you read that right. This absolute unit has been an absolute dumpster fire this year and if you have him on your team you are very aware of that fact. The combination of draft capital you spent on him and the high hopes you had with DeMarco Murray getting shipped out only exacerbates the immense disappointment he has been. But this week, it all turns around. The Titans have looked good this year but the one thing they have been piss poor at is running the football. If they want to have any long term success this season they need to establish a running game to open up the passing attack for Mariota. The Bills have let up 21 total running backs TD’s in the past 13 games so these factors all combined have led me to make this fat fuck my lock of the week.

WR Keelan Cole: An immovable object meets an unstoppable force in this matchup this week. Jags/Chiefs has to be the best game of this weekend where both teams absolutely dominate on opposite sides of the ball. Personally, I think regardless of how good the Jags D is they can only hope to barely contain this offense, and with that comes a need to score to keep up. Fournette is out which means they will have to lean on the arm of Bortles to play keep up. This WR core is like playing roulette every week trying to pick the best one but this week I have an inside scoop. Kendall Fuller is the slot corner of the Chiefs who they acquired in the Alex Smith trade and this guy is one of the only bright spots on the porous Chiefs D. Dede plays a majority of his snaps out of the slot and Moncrief is hot garbage, tied for 2nd in the league in drops. I think Cole will absolutely be worth a start this week.

TE Vance McDonald: I really just want to get a piece of this Pit/Atl game and this is one of the easiest ways to do so. He is emerging right along side with JuJu and has the unique capability to make opposing teams safeties want to kill themselves (see Chris Conte). He is running significantly more routes than his teammate at the position Jesse James which should lead to production in what is the wasteland of starting a TE that isn’t Gronk/Kelce/Ertz.

DST: Titans: I’m a simple man. I see a team playing the Bills and they’re my lock.

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