What is the Internet Fake Mad About Today?: Nike

Happy day after Labor Day everybody, I’m going to be introducing a new segment today called “What is the Internet Fake Mad About Today?”. It’s a tale as old as time, something very insignificant happens and everyone pretends that it affects their lives and get extremely mad online about it. From my very minimal research, it appears that today the victim is Nike.

Yesterday, Nike announced that former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick would be the face of their new ad campaign. Obviously people have not gotten over being fake mad that situation. It’s been over two years and people are still losing their god damn minds over Kaepernick kneeling for the national anthem. This obviously did not play over well for all the people in the country who watch the NFL and also want to have sexual relations with the flag.

These fake mad people did the only sensible thing they know how to do when they disagree with someone, and that thing is to burn stuff. Many videos have started making their way around the Internet of people burning their Nike apparel to get back at them…. I guess? If there’s one way to show a company that you’re dissatisfied, it’s to burn hundreds of dollars worth of apparel that you already paid for. Just last year, disgruntled old white people were burning their season tickets and jerseys to get back at their teams for players kneeling for the anthem. As you would imagine, that was a very smart move and is no way embarrassing.

Can you blame these people though? Imagine not getting mad at someone who has a public platform and are trying to peacefully raise awareness about the racial injustices and police brutality that their people face on a daily basis? The selfishness of these players, can’t you just let these people live in their bubble and let them watch the game from the security of their own home without reminding them about the myth of racial injustices?

And the nerve of Nike, why not make someone who was a domestic abuser or sexual predator the face of your ad campaign? At least something that people won’t be half as outraged about. The best we can do is pray for these fake outraged people and hope that their tough times will pass.

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