Retire Vontae Davis’ Jersey Right Now

Retire Vontae Davis’ Jersey Right Now

On Sunday, September 16 at halftime of the Bufflao Bills vs. the Los Angeles Chargers game, Bills cornerback Vontae Davis did something that should get him inducted to the Hall of Fame on the spot.  He up and quit when the going the going got tough, gave his team the old Irish good bye and retired at halftime.  I have never been in such awe of someone in my 23 years on this Earth.

I’m sure all of the sports networks and hardo’s on twitter are going to call this move selfish, cowardly, and absurd, but to those people I say, shut the fuck up, dude.  Everyone always talks about how they want to quit their jobs, or say on their lunch break that they’re going to leave and never come back, and this fucking guy did just that.  He’s a god damn martyr, and deserves all of the respect in the world.  I might just do the same tomorrow while I’m at work.  Imagine losing by 40 plus points to Joe fucking Flacco in week 1 and then getting destroyed at halftime in week 2 without a glimmer of hope for the season and not quitting?  Sean Mcdermott was probably preparing his halftime speech with his teammates yelling “it’s not over yet guys, lets put the pedal to the metal and get em!” and my man Vontae Davis just walked right the fuck out of there like he had prior engagements.

Not only did he just up and quit, he finessed the Bills out of 5 million god damn dollars of guaranteed money.  He probably saw LeSean McCoy with broken ribs on the sideline and said “yup fuck that, I’m not risking cracked ribs and CTE for Josh Allen and this stupid god damn city of Buffalo”.  Someone give me a new website to buy jerseys on since aliexpress seems to be going through tough times, I need to buy myself at least 300 Vontae Davis jerseys.

Everyone on social media always posts bullshit motivational quotes about not quitting and how if you stay the course it will all work out, but in all honesty, quitting when the going gets tough >>>>>> staying the course.  Putting in max effort and and quitting gives you the same result at the end of the day, and by that I mean, you still fucking die, so why waste your energy on trying at anything.

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