EMINEM vs. Machine Gun Who?

EMINEM vs. Machine Gun Who?

I’m not sure if anyone gives a fuck about hip-hop anymore…  or about anything for that matter, but if social media is your primary form of receiving news, than I’m sure you’ve seen the beef between rap artists Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem. This all apparently was sparked by MGK making comments about Eminem’s underage and notoriously hot-as-fuck daughter Hailey.

Not many people knew who the fuck Machine Gun Kelly was a few weeks ago, but they sure do now. Eminem called him out on his new surprise album Kamikaze. On the song “Not Alike” he basically tells MGK to shut the fuck up about Hailey, and then continues to let him know if he wants beef, he’s got it. Another sad case of White-on-White crime that we see in the news everyday.

Within days Machine Gun Kelly responded with a diss track called ” Rap Devil” mocking the rap god (Eminem). Apparently MGK has more in common with the writers here at Cigs Indoors, as he too clearly has nothing going on in his life. Because of this, he went out the next fucking day and recorded a music video for the song.To his credit, this was a rather timely response, but unfortunately the shots he thew at Em were pretty weak. Admittedly, I found the line that goes somethin’ like “Your beard is weird ” somewhat comical. Nevertheless, no matter how clever that line may or may not be, I’m giving credit to fellas like Keith Hernandez and the late Burt Reynolds for having the where-with-all to realize that the straight up mustache is always a better alternative than the full beard. Anyways, I heard people sayin’ that beard shit back in 08′. If that wasn’t weak enough, then the fact that he praises him by calling him the GOAT on top of that? Come on guy. This is equivalent to telling Jimmy from down-the-block to go fuck his mother then inviting him over for dinner and complimenting his shirt.

After about a week of this song being out, Eminem finally decided to respond with his diss track called “KillShot”. The Killshot record provides no repeating auto-tuned chorus for shit-for-brains members of the younger generation, and it is also loaded with lyrics that I’m sure none of them will comprehend. With this being said, clearly my expectations and standards of the population’s taste in music are rather low, but that hasn’t stopped Em’s new track from setting the record for biggest debut of a hip-hop song on YouTube.

At the end of the day who won? Who the fuck cares? Has anyone even read this far? It’s clear MGK is lyrically out matched by Eminem. As far as who’s song was better, we’ll let the numbers decide, but at the end of the day Machine Gun Kelly got some clout from one of the biggest stars in the music world and finally has some recognition. As for Marshall, he was able to prove that he is still able to body an instrumental and throw shots like a motha fucker. All in all it was a good day for hip hop.

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