Willyums Weird Takes: Is Premature Ejaculation Actually A Good Thing?

Its a tale as old as time: Man jizzes too quickly word spreads and he becomes a laughing stock. But has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe this brave act may actually be rather courteous? I dive in.

First things first its really a compliment to the lady (or man) you’re wooing. What better way to show ones admiration to a lover than the inability to hold in ones orgasmic release. Somewhere along the line it became “cool” to be so unattracted to ones sexual partners that they continue being intimate for longer than 15 seconds. You’re basically saying hey I find you so repulsive I am going to stab away at you over and over.

Up next we have the obvious, in this new age of technology everything is moving quicker. No one wants to wait for anything. So why shouldn’t our acts of love correspond to these revolutionary changes. I won’t even read a tweet if its longer than one sentence, so in respect to the golden rule (treat those the way you’d wish to be treated) shouldn’t we all just accept that sex needs to be short so we can move on with our day?

In the spirit of premature ejaculation I will conclude this blog abruptly and in an awkward fashion.

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  1. telling the world our sex life lasts 15 seconds … well played willyums. can we make it 14 next? get back to me….. -willyums girl

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