Is LeBron Actually an Asshole for Opening up a School?

Is LeBron Actually an Asshole for Opening up a School?

HOT TAKE ALERT!!!! This past week we have seen nothing but positive things about LeBron James opening up a school for kids who come from struggling homes. As a LeBron stan and someone who attended school, I feel like I’m very qualified to say this, this is such a narc move, school fucking sucks.

Going to school is only second to having to go to religion class as the worst fucking thing to do when you’re a kid. I really have to question how much LeBron wants to help these kids if he’s going to put them through a hellish landscape like that.

Next, I bet LeBron is gonna want these kids to read books and retain information? Talk about unrealistic standards. Man, if I was one of these kids right now, I’d be burning my LeBron jersey and waiving a Michael Jordan flag outside of his house. Michael Jordan putting money into prisons is much more noble. If there’s anything poor inner cities need, it’s more money going into prisons and less schools.

The worst thing on top of all of this is that the school is offering free transportation, and they’re giving every kid a bicycle. These libs and their participation trophies smh. These kids can’t even make up an excuse to skip school now. Being a kid in a poor community these days is fucking hell.

LeBron didn’t even go to college, hmmmm???? Really makes you wonder about what he truly thinks about education and what his hidden agenda actually is. I guess only time will tell.

Also someone who is much better at Photoshop than I am, Photoshop LeBron blocking children’s fun over the Iggy play.

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