Well That’s Just Jewish Thinking: Part 1

Welcome to the blog series, “Well That’s Just Jewish Thinking” hosted by the kid who always thought he could slam that one hot Jew girl from class. Sup Shelby. During the next few or so (undisclosed unit of time) i will be explaining to all of you second place religions just what my Family and I are thinking. If you have any topics you’d love to hear an inexpensive take on, hmu in the comment section before i get fired.

Recently, no one has been asking to hear my opinion on anything or my voice in general, but let me do the exact opposite of that and waste your time while you read this in your head and try to use your voice and not mine. Fuck with me and ill be shouting Byzantine Empire.

The first thing that genuinely needs to be discussed by the world is what are you gunna do with all us Jews in the near future. Y’all thought America and Israel would just babysit all the Jews until this whole Holocaust thing blew over? Now America is getting publicly racist and carrying torches…. Lol saw this movie already and i hate verticle stripes, onto the next country. According to recent studies, the hardcore black hat Jews are reproducing more than the secular and goofy Bcal Jews. And to make things worse, the curly haired chair tossers are leaving the US and sending most of their kids back home into the Israeli Defence Force which is no joke turning these kids into Tom Cruise from Top Gun. You other religions are so screwed, here comes the Rocky of Lahtkey’s (lol made it rhyme). The IDF is dangerous as shit but they are running out of allies and running out of space. Soon America will take such a radical middle east position that Israel will just bounce out theĀ Mediterranean and steal a sliver of Brazil’s coast. Brazil fucks heavy with Jews on the low, bet you didn’t know that. But to make it serious for one sentence our radicalized population is growing, our stranglehold on the media is firm and consistent, and we are being welcomed into more and more prospering nations.

You fucking idiots. You thought we already owned the world? We just infiltrated Brazil’s Aerospace program which is 3rd in World in technology and funding. Imagine you “Jesus Truthers” are arriving on Mars for the first time only to see that glistening star of David flag pop out from the dusty backdrop. We’re Jewish yo. We’ll take your shit for free and complain that it’s late. We’ll hide in your country for decades longer than the Mexicans and send more money than you can imagine back to Israel. Imagine selling us something without a warranty. I’m trying to sum this up in the least anti-simetic way possible, you guys need to get rid of us Jews. We are survivors. Hitler killed 51% of European Jews andĀ  only a few years after that America bought us a country and we invented color TV. Then we cured Polio and invented the Remote. ALL WE DO IS SURVIVE (and stack cheddar). So get rid of every last one of us or fucking DEAL WITH IT! Sounds harsh but that’s just Jewish thinking.

Enjoy, bye.

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