Please, for the Love of God, Stop with your Instagram Questions

You’re guaranteed three things in life,  death, taxes, and me complaining about something.  I think I am in the majority when I say this though, stop posting your fucking instagram questions.  I can literally guarantee that nobody but you and the fucking person that filled out your dumb fill in the blank gives a shit.

“Ask me a question I’m bored :/” okay how about this, why do you have to make my instagram experience worse than it already was?  Do you have any idea how much pain and agony you cause me having to tap through instagram stories? and now I have to click through twice the amount cause I have to see you answer questions that your friend probably asked you.  My thumbs are gonna look like the thumb thumbs from Spy Kids by the time I’m done clicking through everything.


This isn’t highschool anymore, stop trying to relive the formspring days.  Why don’t we just bring back Truth Is while we’re at it.  “Yeahh uhmmm truth is you’re in my math class and you’re mad chill and we should talk more”.

So please, if you care about my mental health and my thumb health, stop this insanity.  And also, shout out Spy Kids, sponsor the blog.

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