Does the State of Mississippi Have the Best Bars in the Country?

I currently have the pleasure of getting to spend the next 10 days in the amazing state of Mississippi. Now anyone who knows me knows that I spent the better part of 2 years living in this strange strange land that’s riddled with racism, churches, excessive heat, college football addictions, over-sized pickup trucks, everyone over the age of 6 carrying a gun, streets flooded with dip spit, and an all-around-lack of education amongst it’s natives. Of course during my stay in this wonderland you could imagine that I spent a large portion of my time at the bar.

I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way a state that has so many great things like I just stated could possibly have good bars, it just wouldn’t be fair to to the rest of the states, right? WRONG! This wonderful place in an attempt to relish in the past, it refuses to believe those fancy know-it-all doctors and won’t accept that 2nd hand smoke is a real thing. If you direct your eyes to the URL of this website you’ll see where I’m going with this, that’s right folks you’re allowed to smoke inside restaurants and bars in Mississippi. Now to clarify, it is up to the establishments owner to decide if they want you to permit smoking inside or not. I for one think it should be a law that you can smoke inside no matter what the owner has to say about smokers running non-smoking betas away.

Let me tell you when it’s 95 degrees out and 100 percent humidity before the sun comes up you’re gonna be thanking the God that all Mississippians seem to obnoxiously believe in that you don’t have to walk outside to smoke. There’s truely nothing more liberating than slamming Budweiser’s in a windowless room and asking the morbidly obese bartender for a light after he finishes his 11am meal of brisket and  Mountain Dew.

Now if you’re not into spending your mornings at the bar like me, you can always grab a bite to eat at the local Waffle House. But guess what? They even have a smoking section in there too. Now I wouldn’t be writing on this website if I wasn’t a fan of blowing smoke into little Jimmy’s chocolate chip waffles, so you can imagine that I parked my ass amongst the elites of the smoking section whilst I indulged in some delicious waffles. And anyone whose ever been in a Waffle House knows, if the cook accidentally drops only a little ash in your food, then you’re coming out of there better than most.

Amongst Mississippi other states that don’t have a statewide ban on indoor cigs are Alaska, Wyoming, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. No need to state the obvious similarities here.

P.S.  This blog would been posted hours ago but I lost power from a flash flood and the people in Mississippi seemingly haven’t quite figured out how to put power lines underground yet. Guess Mississippi does have one flaw they need to fix before it completely becomes the utopian society everyone thinks it is.

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