Come on in ya broke motherfuckers

Come on in ya broke motherfuckers

Good day everyone, I have finally decided to give the people what they didn’t want, and didn’t know they needed.  I am taking the few talents that I have to create a blog/podcast/comedy website with some fellow lads.  I had a very tough time choosing between starting an instagram fitness page or becoming a sound cloud rapper, but my tweets don’t get enough love to drop a sound cloud link, and posting pictures of unappetizing food on the gram everyday just seemed counterproductive, so obviously, I chose the next most hated thing.

This website is basically going to be what my tweets have been for the past few years, except stretched out into a funnier more concise post, so if you like my tweets, you’ll hopefully like this.  If anybody wants to join the #team, let me know.  If you love writing, being funny and not getting compensated for your hard work, this is truly the perfect place to showcase all of that.

Furthermore, if you’re wondering about the website name, we’re going on record right now to say that we will be the first pro cigs inside blog on the internet, so if you’re down with the cause, save this website as your homepage.

Thank you guys for reading, I’ll be working on improving the look of the site in the upcoming days, and I hope you will all get lots laughs and help me finally get that well deserved blue check mark next to my god damn name on twitter.  Please don’t make me look like a fool in front of all of my followers.

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