Britt McHenry Brings up Such a Solid Point!!

It’s been only about a month since we got such a solid take by sports commentator Britt Mchenry. If you don’t know Britt McHenry, there’s a great video of her yelling at someone that works at a towing company. She’s pretty much Tomi Lahren, if Tomi Lahren also did sports. Last we saw her, she was tweeting about how Chris Long donating his season salary to charity was a scam so he could put it on his tax write offs. So yeah, we’re obviously dealing with an all-around great person here.

Today, she’s coming in hot again. San Francisco 49ers’ quarter back Jimmy Garopolo was seen in LA taking porn star Kiara Mia on a date. Now let’s not jump to conclusions, who knows, maybe they’re family friends, maybe him and Kiara are talking business, so many possibilities. Thank God for Britt firing off this tweet though

“Jimmy Garoppolo is the franchise quarterback of a prominent NFL team. He should have more values and class than parading a porn star in LA. Slam me for saying that, but guarantee someone in his camp said the same thing.”

Many people are definitely gonna go at her throat for this, but she brings up such a valid point. Why would you want your star QB to have the freedom to date anyone he wants??? If I was the President I would make a law that lets fans set up an arranged marriage for NFL players on their favorite team. It’s not fair that they already make millions of dollars and suffer massive brain damage, why should they be allowed to date whoever they want?

Imagine if a President was going out and fornicating with porn stars? That would be a fucking disaster. Thank God Britt McHenry doesn’t support any President who does that type of thing.

If I was Garopolo, I would issue a press conference to apologize for such low class. Football fans deserve so much more than this. Kids are probably gonna grow up and watch porn, do we really want a society like that?

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