Are instagram fitness people worse than Hitler?!?!

Are instagram fitness people worse than Hitler?!?!

Picture this, you’re going about your mediocre redundant day, the sun is probably shining and you’re inside scrolling through instagram for 20th time in the past 15 minutes.  There’s definitely no way you’re below average day can get any worse. But wait, WHATTTT is this?!?!? You stumble upon some fucking asshole posting a slideshow with their healthy unappetizing meal for the whole world to see and the same exact mirror pose from their previous 50 pictures bragging about how their whole grain protein pancakes taste better than regular chocolate chip pancakes with all the macros listed.

There is nothing in this god damn world you can do to convince me that any of this “food” you’re posting is better than regular food.  Even if you gave me some and I thought in my head it was better, I wouldn’t fucking admit it, I have too much pride.

Then after a week of discovering the gym, these people have the fucking audacity to add “fit” at the end of their name like they’re some fucking fitness and nutrition expert when all they did was try to reinvent the wheel and post a picture doing squats and hashtagging “#fitness #squats #riseandgrind #fitfam”.

People wanna know why nobody can get jobs anymore? It’s because there’s more self proclaimed instagram fitness models than there are skilled craftsmen in this country.

And for all the people that will tell me “Well if you hate seeing it so much just unfollow them”, guess what? that’s not the fucking point.  Taking the easy way out never helped anybody.  As someone much smarter and philosophical than me once said “If the things around you don’t change, change the things that are around you”.

Don’t get me wrong though, as many people know, I am a big fan of the gym and it is one of my biggest passions, but these people are literally the fucking worst and make me want to quit lifting and going to the gym forever.

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